Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Liberalism's Totalitarian Tendencies

Rush Limbaugh is a punk prankster masquerading as a serious social sentinel. Keith Olberman is a cheap shot artist whose rhetorical diarrhea was tiresome even before he left the sports desk for political punditry. The Colonel has no patience for the self-serving political hacks at either end of the spectrum providing prodigious propaganda bloviation, not so much to support a position as to promote themselves. The Colonel has even less patience for the elected politicians whose service to their constituents in particular and their nation in general is all too often suborned to their desire to ensure their re-election--that goes for the self-serving sorts throughout the political spectrum. With that said, lets look at what history tells us will likely be the arc and consequences of the progressive policies being rushed into effect by the congressional totalitarians in Washington.

The last progressive president and congress to consolidate so much power was FDR and the congresses that took the oath of office during the Great Depression. That crisis was used to great effect by a charismatic president and a malleable congress to institute socialist governmental programs and policies. Most were sold to the public as the only way to pull the nation out of the economic depression, and did no such thing. Most historians and economists agree that many of the social programs FDR championed actually had the effect of deepening and prolonging the Great Depression. There are already glaring signs that H intends to lift a page from FDR's play book to further the progressive agenda no matter the cost to our nation.

The so-called stimulus bill garnering all of the attention at present is only the tip of the iceberg. It does indeed have some redeeming elements, arguably needed to take the sting out of the current economic crisis, but the vast majority of the bill is just old-fashioned pork. The President's Chief of Staff Rham Emanual was quoted late last fall as saying that this crisis provided a great opportunity to get spending approved for lots of programs that wouldn't ordinarily get funded. He is right on target from a tactical point of view--crises are great opportunities for change. Effective (not necessarily, scrupulous) leaders have always used crises, real or manufactured, to effect change that THEY deem in the best interest of their organization, community, or nation. The danger is that socialists believe they need to take care of us, even if we don't need or want to be taken care of. They push through programs and policies that increase their power over our lives because they know better than we do what is best for us. I, for one, beg to differ.

When the nine justices charged with preventing unconstitutional laws and policies rejected many of his programs, FDR attempted to "pack" the Supreme Court by appointing more left-leaning justices who cared more about the enactment of socialist policies than a strict and proper interpretation of the Constitution of these re-United States. The extra appointees to the court ensured that FDR's unconstitutional programs were deemed "constitutional." It was a totalitarian move more like those of Stalin or Mussolini than Washington or Jefferson. It was a repugnant disregard of the Constitution and our nation has been on a socialist slide ever since. President Obama may not be planning to pack the court--probably doesn't need to. He is, however, planning something just as insidious. He intends to move responsibility for oversight of the national census to the office of none other than that paragon of political bi-partisanship, Rham Emanual. The desired end-state is obvious to all but the most oblivious observer--control the census and you control the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives.

President Obama has the eloquence and hip hype to dull the eyes of all but the most vigilant. I'm listening to him address a crowd in Fort Myers as I write this and I'm almost persuaded. He is good.

So was FDR, Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.
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