Friday, March 05, 2010

"Got it? Right, then!"

Comes to the Colonel's attention this morning sad news of the passing of a great man, with whom he had the honor of service 30 years ago. Major Jonathon J. B. Lear OBE, Royal Marines, figured large in a certain young American Marine lieutenant's early troop-leading experience and arctic warfare training. When the Colonel brings to mind some of his most important leadership and arctic survival lessons-learned, it is John Lear's voice echoing in the ear. Major Lear served with high distinction, earning admission into the Order of the British Empire. His obituary described a man who carried his passion for, and excellence in, the leadership and care for others into his retirement and in the advance of his community's causes. An overflow crowd attended his funeral, many standing in a cold rain outside the church to pay their respects.

The Colonel wishes he had been among those soaked.
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