Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Get the Hook

If you think the public outcry over taxes and the progressive healthcare power grab has been loud this past year, just wait until the Colonel's fishing buddies (all 50 million of them) hear about the new policy PETA, the World Wildlife Fund, the International Fund for Animals, and the tree-huggers in President Obama's circle of advisors are pushing him to enact by executive fiat (among a full slate of other soci-state decrees).

Comes to the Colonel's attention today this article
http://sports.espn.go.com/outdoors/saltwater/news/story?id=4975762 regarding a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration task force developing a national policy that could empower the federal government to, if taken to it's illogical extreme, ban all recreational fishing in all waters of these re-United States. The Colonel can not imagine any other action that the federal government could take that would precipitate a more immediate and violent response from middle America. Take their children's future away and give it to fat cat bankers--okay. Nationalize a few banks and car companies--that's alright. Mess up their health care system--go ahead. Tell them they can't go crappie fishing--whoa there Mr. G Man, them there's fightin' words!

The Colonel is quite certain that the folks advising the President to take these kinds of actions are depriving villages somewhere of their idiots. Don't these folks know that they are eye-poking a sleeping junkyard dawg? Don't they grasp the fact that the legions of good ole boys and girls whose droll weekly work lives are made tolerable only by the dream of weekends spent fishing also happen to collectively possess more firearms and watercraft than any army and navy in the solar system? Are they daft?

Well, yes. Yes they are.

The Colonel would like to think that our President is smart enough to realize that giving the whackos control of government policy ain't the best choice for his administration's, nor our nation's, longevity. The Colonel would like to think that. However, given that our President hasn't demonstrated that minimum level of intelligence heretofore, the Colonel isn't so very quick to give him the "got smarts" benefit of the doubt anymore.

With apologies to Forrest Gump; the Colonel is not a smart man, but he knows what dumb is.
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