Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fed Up

It takes a lot to get under the Colonel's skin, but he is fed up with the following:

1. People who use hateful, intolerant speech to denounce the perceived hateful intolerance of others.

2. Officials who love power more than the people whose power they have been elected to exercise.

3. People who purport to be patriotic, yet have never once in their lives performed a patriotic act beyond displaying a flag.

4. Politicians whose choice of party with which to affiliate and under whose banner they run for office reflect political calculations rather than principled consciences.

5. Liberals who shed copious tears over the demise of a polar bear or the loss of a pod of porpoises, yet support the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn children.

6. Hypocritical conservatives who put not their money where their pie holes be.

7. Media personalities, at both ends of the political spectrum, with agendas.

8. Celebrities, at both ends of the political spectrum, who forget that their calling is to entertain not to preach.

9. Bankers with their hands out; politicians with their hands in my pockets; and young men and women whose hands should be in the air volunteering, but aren't.

10. Reporters who, in the ninth year of the war on which they are reporting, still don't know the the difference between a main battle tank and an armored personnel carrier, let alone the proper designations of basic military organizations.

11. Folks who don't know the difference between the privileges and blessings of residency and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

12. Americans who don't vote.

There is more, but the Colonel is fed up with this post.
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