Friday, November 28, 2008

Prescient Pop and the Good Luck Grandson

With the score 31 to nuthin' at the half against Mississippi State this afternoon, Number 2 son opined that "Pop is gonna have to fly Caleb and his daddy up here for every game next year--they're good luck!"

Caleb, the Colonel's first grandson and the hope of 21st Century civilization, was in attendance for just his second Ole Miss football game in his young life. We left shortly after the half of his first two weeks ago against Louisiana Monroe--the Rebels were cruising to a 59 to nuthin' win and the weather was stinko. The weather wasn't a heck of a lot better this afternoon, but we weren't leaving the stadium this week until the boys in red and blue presented the fans with the coveted Egg Bowl Trophy.

Prior to kickoff, a recap of the Rebels' best season since Archie and Olivia's baby boy left town played on the jumbotron. The video began with Houston Nutt's initial news conference quote that, "you spell fun, 'W I N'", drew cheers with the defensive stop that made Tebow cry and roars with the scores against hated LSU. The production was so motivating it moved me to turn to my sons and predict that the final score would be "45 to nuthin'!"

Number One Son complained when Coach Nutt put in the second string in the fourth quarter with the score 45 naught--he wanted to see a 70 to nuthin' rout. I was just worried about preserving the shut-out...and my prediction.

It is such a burden being right all the time.
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