Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An American Agenda

There's a lot piling up on the plate of our new Commander in Chief. The present president doesn't seem to have the spine to take them on. Will "H"?

Frankly, there's not much the President of these re-United States can do to effect the business cycle to the positive. He and the Congress can make things a lot worse in the long run by pumping up the dole and buying votes for the next election cycle, or President Obama and the Congress can manage the economy's fall to a softer landing by investing in 21st Century infrastructure, and 21st Century weaponry and equipment with which our brave warriors can defend our homeland and its revitalized infrastructure.

The real challenges, for which real American muscle and influence can be applied to the most significant effect, exist in the foreign policy realm of our chief executive's responsibilities. Dudley "W" Do Nothing has twiddled his thumbs while the following cuts and scratches on the body of our world supremacy and homeland security have festered into open, life-threatening wounds now requiring serious surgery.

1. Our Borders Must Be Secured. If only one percent of the twenty million illegal immigrants that have entered our nation over the past three decades have done so with criminal intent, that represents an invasion of our homeland and a clear and present danger to the internal security of our nation by an irregular army of 200,000 threats to our peace and security. To put that number in perspective, that's the size of your Marine Corps. Without intent to cast aspersions on the vast majority of those who have entered our nation, albeit illegally, in search of a better life, I would bet you a punch in the jaw and give you fifteen minutes to draw a crowd, that the number of miscreants in the total is much higher than one percent. If it is as high as five percent, that represents an irregular force the same size as your Marine Corps and Army combined, operating against the national security interests of our nation, at large in the cities and towns of our land. This is not rocket science, nor anywhere as hard a challenge to confront as arresting our current economic decline. In fact, taking on this challenge in a constructive way can help to speed our economic recovery in the long run. If we will secure our borders and grant tax-paying citizenship to those already here our cities will begin to be able to pay for the services they provide to all of their residents. At present our cities are going broke paying for services to residents the "undocumented" percentage of which do not pay their fair share of the taxes needed to provide those services for all.

2. Iran Must Be Prevented From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons (and, oh, by the way, stopped from supporting terrorism). If I need to explain to you the why and how, you have confined your thinking to a very small box. Suffice to say, some of our older nuclear weapons need testing.

3. Cuba and Venezuela Must Be Rescued from the Castro and Castro-Lite Regimes. We could have fixed this problem in 1961, but a bumbling, young and inexperienced US president twiddled his thumbs and set us up for a nuclear showdown with the Soviets. Our policy toward Cuba since that time has only succeeded in securing the votes of Cuban exiles in South Florida, the entrenchment of the Castro regime, and the long-term enslavement of the Cuban people in a failed socialist system. Drop the embargo against Cuba and the economic prosperity of these re-United States (even in a recession) will overwhelm the socialist dictators in Cuba just as it did the Soviet Union's and Eastern Bloc's totalitarians.

4. We Must Rearm For The Coming War With China. The Chinese are preparing for this war, it just might be a good idea for us to do the same. The similarities between this era and the 1930's are evident to even the most near-sighted historian. Replace Japan and Germany with China and Russia and the template otherwise fits. Stick your head in the sand, wear your peace symbols (I will admit I wore one... until I grew up and learned to use my brain) and wish for mankind to stop acting like mankind has always and will always act, if you like. You will be wasting valuable time.

5. There Must Be A Division IA College Football Playoff System. Fix this, President Obama, and you will go down as one of the greatest American Presidents of all time, regardless of your probable failures elsewhere.
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