Monday, November 17, 2008

The Littlest Rebel

It was a good weekend for the Colonel and his clan.

The Sunbelt Conference patsy lined up for the Rebels' 10th game of the season obliged with an appropriately inept performance and the score was ugly in our favor, early. It was a glorious rout and a great day for grandson Caleb's first Ole Miss football game except for the fact that it was a blustery, cold day fit for neither old men nor younguns. We held out as long as we could, but left shortly after an early third quarter touchdown put us up 45 zip and assured bowl eligibility for the first time since Eli.

The wind abated enough for a comfortable settee around the fire pit Sunday evening and we gorged on sticky smokey smores and listened to the coyotes tune up at sunset. Number One Son and and his bride (she of the high and exalted position of Provider of Grandsons) left this morning for the Redneck Riviera and left Number One Grandson with Pop and Nana for an extended stay aboard Eegeebeegee.

I had a list of ten things to do with Caleb between now and when his parents came back to collect him at Thanksgiving. We did just about all of them this morning--don't know who needed the two-hour afternoon nap more, the three-year-old or the old man.
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