Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here Comes Trouble!

Two days of light rain here at the northern end of southern nowhere have been just what the doctor ordered.

With the advent of cooler weather the past several weeks the flora aboard Eegeebeegee have begun their decline into dormancy and Miss Brenda has broken out her whip, cracking it within alarming proximity to her mule-headed mate's hairy ears. We are in a panic of flower bed re-positioning and tree re-planting to get the grounds around the big house all spruced up. Ordinarily we would have spaced the sprucing over the several long months of winter and early spring, but the boss wants the place in shape for holiday season visitors. Oh, my aching back! Thank you, Lord, for the rest of your rain!

The first wave of festive visitation comes ashore this evening with the arrival of Number 1 son, his bride (she of the high and exalted position of Provider of Grandsons), and the hope of 21st Century civilization--Caleb and Taylor.

Saturday will be Caleb's First Ole Miss Football Game. We picked (hopefully) a patsy for his inaugural Grove Gallop. I'm hoping for an early blow-out, as I don't expect Mr. C will be able to sit still for an entire game.

The plan is for Caleb to stay here with Nana and Pop for the next two weeks. At three years of age, he's mobile and agile enough to really appreciate the wilds of Eegeebeegee. I'll keep you posted on that.
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