Thursday, November 06, 2008

Good Things

Despite the fact that my vote went for the other guy, I am heartened by the way the most free, safe, and peaceful elections in the world occured with clockwork constitutional precision. As one who dedicated the first three decades of his adult life to the defense of the constitution of these re-United States, it's a good feeling to know that those energies, not to mention the much greater sacrifices of others, were not in vain. The sun came up yesterday morning and the American people went about their business without fear of recrimination.

By all accounts, voter turnout on Tuesday and via early and absentee balloting means was the highest in over a century. That is a good thing. Democracy is not a game to be watched from the stands--it is most effective when participation is highest.

Tuesday morning, Miss Brenda and I made our way to our polling place at the Abbeville Court House, a building that used to house a small Methodist congregation. While there had been a long line earlier in the morning, we waited only a few minutes to cast our votes by touch screen. The last time I voted in Mississippi was 1976--my guy didn't win that year either.

It will be very interesting to watch as our new president builds his administration. My guess is there won't be as much "Change" in the faces he brings to the White House as one would expect given all of the change rhetoric over the past two years. I wouldn't count on seeing very many of his campaign promises fulfilled any time soon, either. No new president ever does carry out all of the pander he proposes to get elected. That is another good thing.

Yet another good thing is I figure I have a least six months to get fields of fire cleared and alternate and supplementary fighting positions prepared before any new anti-gun legislation is enacted.
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