Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cruise Log 8:35 PM 12 April 2006

We arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica this morning shortly after sunrise. By 8:30 we were ashore and beginning a 2-hour ride on a mini-bus to see the sights. At 10:30 we reached our destination, Dunn’s River Falls, and I reached my endurance capacity for the term, “ya mon.” We joined literally hundreds of other tourists in a conga line climb of what was probably a very pretty series of waterfalls, but was hard to see for the literally hundreds of other tourists.

Jamaica would be desperately poor were it not for tourism. It is just poor. And with a majority of it’s population under 30, it is ripe for revolution. Even laid back folks like Jamaicans are suckers for the Castros, Guevarras, and Sandinos of this world lusting for power and using the vehicle of poverty-borne unrest to seize the reins.

Don't think this could happen? Find a history book and read about Earnest Hemingway's favorite vacation island (Not Key West) circa 1959.
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