Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cruise Log 6:45 AM 11 April 06

First full day at sea yesterday. All of my worst fears and doubts about cruises realized. Crowds of people with low expectations milling about in an alcoholic haze. Obsequious cruise directors gushing about this shop or that shore excursion or this activity. If I heard the word “awesome” once yesterday, I heard it a quarter of a million times. The food is good, but nothing to write home about; certainly not the quality and quantity about which every cruiser I know raves. The coffee is hot and ready, even if I have to walk the entire length of the ship to find it.

Last night was formal night in the dining room. It was almost an elegant evening; until Obsequious Twit #13 (there’s at least twenty-five that I have cataloged so far) rallied all of us in a cheer and napkin wave (think Pittsburg Steelers and the Terrible Towel). Yep, get all dressed up and then act like I’m at a ball game—that’s fun.

The Vegas-style show after dinner was not bad. The amphitheater seating was. The drunk in the sleeveless sweatshirt who had to leave four times during an hour and a half-show, climbing over everyone and returning smelling like a smokestack, really capped the evening.

Went to the gym yesterday. Now, lest anyone think that I’m back on a fitness routine, I didn’t say I worked out. I was looking for the soft ice cream machine and found the gym by accident. But, I can now say that I went to the gym on my cruise. The gym was well equipped, as were the gymettes.

Might have to go looking for soft ice cream again after breakfast this morning.
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