Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cruise Log 10:17 AM 15 April 2006

The Mayan ruins of Tulum reminded me of my visit to Herculaneum in Naples, Italy. Unfortunately, the Mexican government waited too long to protect the frescos in Tulum's ruins and they are mostly lost to vandals. Gripes me how some people have no respect for history or understanding of antiquity and think that it is the height of coolness to scratch their initials across a thousand year old work of art. The march of time waits for no man and Tulum, once the last citadel of the technologically advanced Mayan culture, is now overrun by tourists and iguanas.

I would like to live to be 2000 only to be able to see Brazilian tourists in the year 4006, wandering the crumbling streets of DC and scratching their initials across the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Wait, they already do that.
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