Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shameful Shams

Sometime late yesterday I began my fifty-fourth revolution around ole Sol. Is it just my imagination, or has time been passing with increasing rapidity lately?

One thing for sure that increases with each passing day is the amount of unsolicited offers I receive from companies who have begun to equate my advanced age with a decline in the ability to discern value in their offerings. I have no doubt that an entire rain forest has disappeared to provide the paper making up the bundles of marketing basura (my espanol word of the day) that jam my mail box daily. I can only imagine the copious amounts of greenhouse gases spewed into our atmosphere in order to transport the tons of trash to my doorstep here at the northern end of southern nowhere. There's not a modicum of doubt in my military mind that we could erase the national debt and pay for all of us to have $35,000 commodes with a nominal tax on junk mail.

Gotta go. My double order of sham wows just arrived.
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