Monday, January 26, 2009

Gitmo Solution

One of the first acts of the new administration has been to begin the process of closing the terrorist detention center at our naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The debate since has centered on what to do with those currently held there. On the political right, the argument has been that we dare not trust the detainees' disposition to our criminal-loving criminal justice system. At best, the terrorists would be convicted and incarcerated in our prison system where they would be free to recruit a legion of domestic terrorists. At worst, the terrorists would be set free and would rejoin the jihad.

In my not so humble opinion, we should take all of them to the Iraq/Iran border and point them in the direction of Teheran. The mad mullahs paid for them--they get 'em. "But, wouldn't they show back up on the battlefield?", you ask. They probably would. At which point we kill them. Problem solved. Any questions?

If our new, kinder, gentler administration would rather keep the terrorists here in our homeland, I'll take two of them. I'm sure there's 500 or so good-hearted retired Marines like me out there who would volunteer to take one or two in. We have plenty of practice molding hearts and minds to our will. Riding herd on scores of testosterone-fired teenagers well-trained to fight at the drop of a hat certainly qualifies us to keep a close eye on a couple of poorly-trained jihadis.

Heck, give me three of 'em.
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