Saturday, January 03, 2009

Case for a 4-Loss Champ

Looks like we won't have a two-loss National Champion this year--how about a four-loss one?

Allow me to make my case for the Ole Miss Rebels. Regardless who wins the Florida--Oklahoma match-up next week, my Rebels have a legitimate claim to the title. If Florida wins, the choice of Ole Miss for number one in the polls is an easy one. Reference September 26th in the Swamp: Ole Miss 31; Florida 30. At the very least, the men in red and blue should get a number two ranking behind Florida, out of respect for their assist in motivating Tearful Tim and the Gators to rededication.

An Oklahoma win over Florida next week is a highly unlikely occurrence. Seems that Big Twelve coaches are so in love with high-powered spread offenses that they neglect one little thing--Defense. Now, I'm not a fan of the defense. I'm an offensive-minded (Miss Brenda would leave off the hyphenated ending, were she describing me) sort. Defense is the enemy. Winning is accomplished by killing, er, scoring on the enemy. But, even I know that you gotta have a defensive capability to hold the line when your offensive culminates. Big Twelve offenses look so great because they just don't play defense out there. So, Florida should roll. But, if that pointy-ended ball bounces Oklahoma's way, there is still a case, however circuitous the logic, to be made for Ole Miss as National Champs. Texas beat Oklahoma; Texas Tech beat Texas...and, in case you missed it...

Ole Miss beat Texas Tech yesterday in the 73rd playing of the Cotton Bowl!
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