Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning MOTOs; Vol. II, Ed. 1

Good Monday Morning to all! It is time for yet another installment in the sporadic series of the Colonel's Monday Mastery of the Obvious (MOTO) awards. The Colonel's Monday MOTOs are gleaned from a plethora of possible award winners for comments demonstrating their steel-trap grip on reality. As this is the first installment of the Colonel's Monday MOTOs in 2009, and because the Colonel's pea-sized brain could conjure no other reason, this will be codified as the first edition of the second volume of the series.

The Colonel's Monday MOTO Bronze medal is awarded to the egomaniacal governor of the state of Illinois, who, while otherwise continually displays a complete lack of touch with reality, commented quite lucidly at a news conference last Friday that, “the heart and soul of this has been a struggle of me against the system.” Yes, Governor, it is you against the system, and the system will prevail. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but anyone who fights what is right is eventually ground to dust.

The Colonel's Monday MOTO Silver Medal goes to Eric Holder, President Obama's nominee to serve as Attorney General, who declared during his Senate confirmation hearing that, "waterboarding is torture." It is indeed! Those who would justify such torture and other "enhanced interrogation" techniques as necessary to save American lives miss the whole point. American lives are not more important than American ideals. Whole armies of patriots have fought and died for those ideals. Some even died under torture believing that their deaths were righteous because America would never treat anyone like they were being treated.

The Colonel's Monday MOTO Gold Medal goes to President Obama who answered, "I won" when confronted by a Republican congressman with concerns about the obvious socialist direction the new administration's "stimulus" bill takes with, among other odious inclusions, the provision for giving tax rebates to those who paid no taxes in the first place. Yes, Mr. President you did indeed win. But that doesn't answer the question or assuage the concern of those who chose to live on this side of the Iron Curtain precisely because socialism is a morally and intellectually bankrupt political/economic model.
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