Thursday, June 19, 2008

Two for All

Children are a blessing and a gift from God. Grandchildren are a treasure and a treat. Combine the two and you get something else entirely!

Number 1 son and his wonderful wife (she of the exalted and protected position of provider of grandsons) are in Vegas this week to attend a friend's wedding. Grandsons Caleb and Taylor are staying here on Eegeebeegee with Miss Brenda and The Colonel for the week. One of the undeniable truths of life is that parenting is a young person's job! Did you know that a two year old has the ability to be in three places at once? Did you also know that a six-month old can fill an entire house with refuse, debris, and diminutive detritus without leaving a three foot square of carpet?

The week would have been taxing enough just maintaining situational awareness over Messieurs C and T. But, throw in the fact that our church is hosting its annual Vacation Bible School and the additional data point that Miss Brenda volunteered the two of us to help and you have the makings of an exhausting experience ranking right up there with a twenty-five mile Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation hike.

What age group are we teaching, you ask? Why, the two-year olds, of course! Miss Brenda needs counting lessons. She does the roll each evening and claims we only have twelve young-uns in our class. My counting ability has been clearly degraded due to exhaustion, but I would put the number somewhere closer to thirty-five or forty.

You would think that someone who successful managed and lead a regiment of testosterone-laden mostly-teenaged Marines could handle a squad of two-year olds without breaking a sweat. To be honest, I'm breaking into a cold sweat just writing this and contemplating entering the lions' den again this evening.

Gotta go--Mr. C is claiming he has a bear cornered under the couch. Knowing him, there just might be.
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