Friday, June 20, 2008


It's reminiscent of the scene in the first, and best, Star Wars movie when Darth Vader and Obie Wan Knobe meet in a student versus master death match. Two masterful politicians, a generation apart locked in mortal combat for control of the known universe--Darth Obama versus Old Gal Clintobe. At first it seemed this would be just a tune up match for Old Gal. She would quickly dispatch Darth Obama and then go on to the main event with the Evil Emperor's heir apparent.

But to every one's shock and the Clintonians' horror, Darth Obama matched every swipe of Old Gal's political light saber. Like Obie Wan, Old Gal Clintobe could have continued the battle indefinitely, hogging the show--she is a Clinton after all--but, in a self-sacrificing gesture she laid aside her weapons and allowed Darth Obama and his force of wavering super-delegates to easily apply the coup-de-grace. Even the most naive political observer has to be suspicious of Old Gal's seeming surrender--she is a Clinton after all. Will she appear later in this horror show, whispering use of force direction in Darth Obama's ear?

One thing is for sure, Old Gal, like her puppet, Bill, will not go away. Obama may have out-Clintoned Bill and Hillary this time--but, never, never, never turn your back on a Clinton.
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