Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shelter in the Swelter

When we left for Alaska at the end of the third week of May, it was still springtime at the northern end of southern nowhere. Warm and wet; a thrill to be outside all day long watching flora and fauna respond to lengthening days and nourishing rains. Three weeks on the road--Anchorage, Fairbanks, Orlando, San Diego--and I have returned to find Eegeebeegee baking under a scorching summer sun. The good news is that my dock, submerged early in the spring by above average deluges of liquid sunshine, has reappeared above the surface of Lake Brenda--just in time for the arrival of THE GRANDSONS later this week.

The major project aboard Eegeebeegee this summer is the addition of a detached garage and workshop to the compound. Our attached two car garage is slam full of my stuff--tools, project materials, man toys, etc.--leaving no room for parking vehicles. The new addition--a 24' by 50' building, the shell of which will be erected this week--will provide parking for boat and tractor and a 24' by 24' workshop. Brenda's dad is here acting as my general contractor, plumber and electrician. An ambitious schedule has the building erected, electrical and plumbing lines laid, concrete poured, and wall built dividing garage from workshop, by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I'll slip off up north to Chicago and conduct some business behind enemy lines. With any luck, I'll have a functioning garage and workshop into which to move my stuff next weekend.
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