Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grandsons Gone

The twin tornadic tots boarded a mini-van for the coast this morning and quiet reigns once again on Eegeebeegee. Shortly after they left Miss Brenda crawled back in bed and took a seven hour "nap." I actually got a few chores done around the place. Tomorrow we'll start missing our grandsons again. Tonight we'll sleep long and uninterrupted. Well, I will--Miss Brenda will be up all night after sleeping all day.

A two and a half-year old and a six-month old will consume every waking minute. There is no rest. How Miss Brenda raised three without my help, back during my deploying days, is a wonderful mystery. A week like this last one reminds me just how special she (and thousands of military wives like her) was and is. She is my hero.

Don't misunderstand me--I love my grandsons more than anything I have ever loved (Miss Brenda excepted). But, I look forward to the time a few years from now when Caleb and Taylor will come visit and not require constant supervision, regular diaper changes, and pacifier hunts. Of course, when they reach teenage I'll want them to be toddlers again. But, for another decade or so nearly everything ole Pop does will be magic to them and everything they do will make me proud. Hope I live long enough to see them become human again after the brainless 15 to 25 decade.
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