Sunday, March 30, 2008

Taking Root

A year ago yesterday Miss Brenda and I signed 737 pages of real estate documents and thereby took possession of our dream at the northern end of southern nowhere. Yesterday I asked a neighbor what the "over and under" pool was on how long we rural neophytes would last in the country. He just smiled. Reckon they've seen lots of city folks try their hand at living out here, only to get lonely for the neon flicker and hightail it back to the burbs.

We still have a lot to learn about working the balance of our 57 acre slice of heaven. But, we have both had a lot of practice at adapting to new environments. Moving as often as we have for the first fifty or so years of our lives, kept our root balls tight under our feet. We never put down tap roots. The ground here is not exactly root friendly--hard, both literally and figuratively.

Miss Brenda went on a short business trip to Florida with me last week. All we talked about the whole time was hating the traffic and longing to get back to EegeeBegee.

I feel a root growing.
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