Monday, March 03, 2008

Milestone Mention

This post marks a milestone at the Colonel's Corner. The Roman road building authority placed upright roadside stones--milestones--marking the incremental distance away from the city's center. On every road leading from Rome, you knew, often, exactly how far you had traveled from the birthplace of your empire. No imperial comparisons intended here--just threw that in for color. With the posting of this missive, we have written our way 200 times from the beginning of this blog. The first post entered digital ether on the 11th of July, 2005. A hurricane had disrupted our lives on the Redneck Riviera that week, and I used that event to light the sputtering fuse of this blockbuster (ahem) blog.

As I write this, a pounding overhead signals recovery from another storm that has had the temerity to disrupt the idyllic life of the Colonel and Miss Brenda. Roofers are replacing shingles and siding and leaving a larger mess in the yard than the storm did.

I am heartened by the work ethic and industry displayed by the crew that has been here the last several days. They must be college students from a local university. They have spent the entire time they have been here practicing their Spanish for spring midterms. From what I hear, they should do very well on their exams.
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