Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cloning Volunteer

I've been so looking forward to Spring, but find that I wasn't prepared for it. There are so many things to do and so little time! Seems like during the winter, time takes on the viscosity of cold molasses and crawls slowly and drearily along. February, in particular, is a month in which each day seems to stretch exponentially like Stephen Hawkin's object approaching the event horizon of a super-massive black hole. But, then Spring arrives and suddenly time picks up the pace, passing ever more rapidly as each type of bush and tree buds and flowers. All the things I dreamt of doing during the long, dark, bad dream of late winter are now options on a brightly colored pallet and I haven't enough hands to brush paint onto all of the canvasses.

The crappie started biting a month ago and I never made it out to wet a hook once! Turkey season is 2/3 over and I've only been twice--and I hunt on my own property! I bought season tickets to watch my Rebels play baseball and didn't get to a game until last night (Ole Miss won a pitching duel with the hated LSU Tigers and happiness reigns in Rebel Nation). The annual Spring Red-Blue Football game (recently renamed the Grove Bowl) is this afternoon and I'll go--but there are so many other things on my Saturday honey-do and Spring fun-time lists that will go begging as a result.

As the weather began to warm and the days lengthened a few weeks ago, Miss Brenda and I went into a paroxysm of frantic digging and pulling--moving trees and shrubs that the previous occupants of our place had planted way too close to the house. We had fifty to move--had planned to get them moved before they started blooming and budding. We got maybe ten done. The rest will have to wait until later this year in the Fall.

But, then the deer and duck hunting and college football seasons will be upon us and... I need a clone!
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