Thursday, February 20, 2014

Revolt in 2016

It doesn't take a history professor to see the coming revolution. 

But, it ain't gonna be the revolt that the Colonel and his fellow (little r) republicans would prefer. 

It's not going to be a Tea Party party. 

Frankly, most of the Colonel's fellow (little r) republicans, despite disgust with the extra- and un- constitutional political machinations of the political ruling class, are far too comfortable and have far too much to lose to consider pledging their sacred honor in order to save America for their posterity.  

Talk is cheap.  Action costs more than most are willing to give.

Doubt this?

Then how do you explain not one percentage point of increase in military enlistment from the upper middle, and above, classes post 9-11?  

That's right. For all the flag-waving, and despite anecdotal evidence to the contrary, there was no appreciable increase in volunteers for military service.  The Colonel knows this from first-hand experience leading a sizable portion of the Marine Corps recruiting effort for two years following 9-11.

But, make no mistake, a revolution is coming. 

The revolution will be led by those who, in a few years, will find the governmental largesse upon which they have become dependent, has dried up. 

The coming revolution will be against the Colonel and his fellow (little r) republicans. 

The next American Revolution will be a socialist movement. 

It pains the Colonel to tell you this. Recognizing the truth is always painful. 

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