Friday, February 07, 2014

February Engagement

The Colonel begs the forgiveness of the throngs of you, who demonstrate a complete lack of nothing better to do with your time than to peruse sporadic posts hereon, for his prolonged failure to provide an update from the far foggy reaches of the rapidly decomposing grey matter lying in limpid pools in the crannied recesses of his cranium.

He's been busy. 

There's been the attention-demanding crescendo of seasons -- football, holiday, hunting -- to which to attend.  All of which have now ended satisfactorily for the Colonel.  He's seen better -- but, he's seen a heckuva lot worse.

At any rate, the best time of the year -- in the Colonel's not-so-humble opinion -- has passed, and the dreary, desultory, depressing despicable month of February has begun.

The Colonel hates February.

Historically, February has shown little love for the Colonel.

Rarely is there anything in the month of February that moves the needle on the Colonel's fun meter.

If there was any month through which the Colonel would gladly be placed in suspended animation in a sensory deprivation tank, it is this one.

Were there ever a referendum on the question whether to have the month expunged from the calendar and replaced by four weeks of mandatory 24/7 sleep, the Colonel would campaign door to door -- even in Alabama -- in favor of it's adoption.

The Colonel so detests February, that leap years make him considerably more cantankerous than normal.

The Colonel despises February with a seething hatred rivaling only the utter lack of esteem with which he holds Bama, LSU, the Taliban, and practitioners of infanticide. 

However, there is the occasional exception and this year the Colonel has exceptional news.

Son #2, heretofore confirmed bachelor, has, at the advanced age of thirty-four, decided to marry -- popping the question to his bride-to-be last weekend.

The Colonel and his bride-to-was, the comely and kind-hearted Miss Brenda, are very pleased.  

A June the 28th wedding is planned.

Good date.  No conflict with any sort of season between which the Colonel would have had to choose.       
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