Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dog's Vomit

Okay, he'll admit it.  The Colonel is a huge hypocrite.

Look in the margin of the dictionary beside the word and you will see the Colonel's mug shot.

In fact, pick any one of the Ten Commandments, or any other of your favorite character flaws and the Colonel can quickly demonstrate or otherwise explain why he is the poster child for it's breakage or bearage, respectively.

It's not a particular point of pride, mind you.  But the Colonel is keenly aware that he is not God, and as such, not just a little imperfect, but completely imperfect.

The Colonel's only perfection is his complete imperfection.

He's broken every Commandment -- in thought, if not deed (but, most in deed) -- and is saved from God's great wrath only by God's great grace through His Son, Jesus.

But enough about the Colonel's good points.

The point of this post, toward which you no doubt have been leaning forward in eager anticipation, is the announcement of the Colonel's return to an accommodation with social media -- specifically, Facebook.

Not quite the return to sin warned about in scripture and referenced in the title of this post, but close enough to smell the stink.

In fact, upon his return to Facebook after a 13 month absence, the Colonel was nearly instantaneously repulsed by the jassackery which attended his digital break with his "friends" a year ago.

So, why return?

Well, the Colonel has family who live and communicate via Facebook and while they may not have missed him, he felt like he was missing out not seeing the candid photos, selfies, and meals about to be eaten which pass for artistic expressions of culture nowadays.

And, the Colonel has true "friends" he still cares about, whose candid photos, selfies, and meals about to be eaten must be accepted as a price of friendship.

And, finally, the Colonel has disciplined himself over the past 13 months to the point where he might just be mature enough to once again be trusted with the weapon of mass destruction that is social media.

And, really finally, how else are you gonna know when the Colonel has posted something on his blog?        
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