Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Boudreaux and His Special Dog

Canjun banker man sees locally renowned duck hunter and nutria trapper, Boudreaux Broussard, walk into his bank and gets up from behind his big ol' desk to welcome him.

"Mornin' Boudreaux."

"Mornin'," say Boudreaux.

The banker man ask, "You killin' any ducks?"

"Sum," say Boudreaux.

"I hear you got a special dog, Boudreaux. Supposed to be the best dog in Louisiana."

"He okay," say Boudreaux.

"How 'bout you take me huntin' to your secret duck hole in the mornin'."

"Don' thin' so," say Boudreaux.

"Boudreaux," ask the banker man, "who dat owns the bank what holds the mortgage on your house?"

"Das you," say Boudreaux.

"Das right," say the banker man. "I'll be at your house at five in the mornin'."

Next morning, the banker man and Boudreaux climb into Boudreaux's pick-em-up truck and the banker man looks over at Boudreax and he ask, "Where dat dog?"

Beaudreaux say, "What dog?"

"Your special dog," say the banker man.

"We don' need him dis mornin'," say Boudreaux.

"Boudreaux," say that banker man, "who dat owns the bank what holds the note on dis here truck?"

"Das you."

"Das right. Git your dog."

An hour later, the banker man and Boudreaux are sitting in the boat at Boudreaux's secret hunting spot and along comes a flock of ducks. The banker man knocks down a duck with his fancy Italian shotgun with the gold trigger and Boudreaux starts to climb out of the boat.

"Where you goin' Boudreaux?"

"Ta git your duck."

"Send your special dog to get dat duck, Boudreaux."

"No. I get it ma'self."

"Boudreaux," ask the banker man, "who dat owns the bank what holds the note on dis here boat?"

"Das you."

"Das right. Now send your dog to go git dat duck."

Boudreaux hangs his head, snaps his fingers, and the dog, who has been sitting still as a statue, leaps out of the boat, and lands on the water. But, he don't sink and swim. Instead, the dog tippy-toes across the top of the water like he's afraid to get his feet wet. The dog goes straight to the duck, picks it up in his mouth, and tippy-toes on top of the water back to the boat. At the boat, the dog steps over the side and takes his seat, dropping the duck neatly at Boudreaux's feet.

The banker man looks over at Boudreaux with his mouth hanging open.

Boudreaux looks over at the banker man and shrugs his shoulders.

"Dang dog," say Boudreaux. "Never could teach him to swim."
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