Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sharing Sharia

To the blissful many, whose sacrifices on the altar of American freedoms are counted mostly in losses of temper at an inconvenience, and whose understanding of history is restricted to the pacifist pablum provided in a grade school textbook authored by a draft-dodger, the controversy surrounding the plans for an "Islamic Cultural Center" adjacent to the site of the 9/11 Islamo-fascist attack on America amounts to nothing more than a debate over the need for our society to honor our freedoms of speech and religion and "build bridges" to the Islamic world that so misunderstands our desire to live in peace with them.

See the desire to build the "Islamic Cultural Center" at the site of the Islamo-fascist attacks for what it is--the traditional Islamic tradition of erecting monuments (in the form of mosques) to Islamic triumphs. We Americans may kid ourselves into believing otherwise--the Islamic world will see it as a monument to a triumph. We Americans may come to view the mosque at Ground Zero as a symbol of outreach to the Islamic world--much as our President views it (and the mission of NASA, for that matter)--but it will be viewed in a much different light by the rest of the world.

We have allowed ourselves to be shamed into seeing the issue as one of respecting the cherished American ideals of religious tolerance and freedom of speech by a culture that respects neither.

Most in our nation have blindly accepted the lie that America is not at war with Islam. The Colonel asks those who purvey such nonsense simply, "Since when?"

Islam has been at war with Judeo-Christianity and the rest of the religions of the world since the middle of the 7th Century. And, at every site of an Islamic victory, a mosque has been erected in commemoration. The name for the planned Islamic Cultural Center at Ground Zero says all we need to know. Cordoba House.

A Muslim army captured Cordoba, a city in present-day southern Spain, in 711. By the end of the first millennium, Cordoba had become one of the great Muslim cities of the world. Cordoba eventually became one of the greatest Caliphates in the Islamic world, considered even greater by the fact that Cordoba represented the Western-most expansion of Islamic influence. Present day Islamic apologists and sympathizers point to the fact that Cordoba's library at the Great Mosque of Cordoba was the greatest in the world.

Berlin had a great library, too, in 1943.
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