Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clear and Present Danger

The Colonel believes it's time to apply some serious armed force in the vital national interests of these re-United States. There is a clear and present danger to American lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and it is NOT Islamic Fascism or Radical Extremism. It is not even the threat of a strengthening Peoples' Republic of China, with whom the Colonel is convinced, beyond any shadow of a doubt in his military mind, the United States will eventually go to war.

The clear and present danger to the United States of America is a criminal insurgency invading our sovereign territory, primarily across our southern national border.

Let the Colonel be clearly understood. He is an avid proponent of legal and regulated immigration to the United States. The greatness of our nation is, and always has been, deeply rooted in our acceptance of the world's "huddled masses yearning to be free."

The Colonel would have you focus on the last word in the above quote.

Freedom to legally pursue the fruits of liberty is the overarching principle under which our nation was conceived and with which it has attained its greatness. American exceptionalism is no accident. It is the inevitable positive product of the equation that sums and multiplies the world's cultural strengths and a free people's talents and toil.

Freedom is not free, however. It is a privilege earned by citizenship, one of the most sacred duties and inescapable requirements of which is abiding by and enforcing the laws of the land.

The United States, if it is to remain the "shining city on the hill" and the "last stand of liberty on Earth," must zealously guard and enforce the rule of law by which our freedoms are guaranteed. Let the Colonel rephrase that--we must resume the zealous guard and enforcement duty we have shirked for nearly two generations.

The Colonel would have you consider the proposition that perhaps in our valiant and noble actions of the past century to "make the world safe for democracy" we have taken our eye off of the more fundamental goal of keeping our own nation safe for liberty.

Again, the Colonel would have you know that he believes that our nation should continue to welcome liberty-seekers from every corner of the globe, the only conditions of their admittance being their willingness to contribute to the furtherance of our great experiment and their submission to the rule of our law.

So, let us turn our attention to the criminal invasion across our borders. Make no mistake, it is an invasion. The Colonel takes issue with the extreme position held by some that the entire tide of immigration is criminal. The Colonel believes that the vast majority of those who have entered this country "illegally" over the past 30 to 40 years are simply good people seeking better opportunity and greater security than that afforded under the corrupt or ineffective governments in their homelands. Were our control of our borders a lot more effective and our immigration policies a little more liberal, the Colonel believes that vast majority of the primarily Hispanic liberty-seekers would have entered our country in a controlled, orderly, and legal fashion.

Frankly, the fact that upwards of 20 million Latin Americans have joined our club, even "illegally," over the past two generations speaks very highly for the attractiveness and desirability of membership. Gotta be proud of that. If we weren't so great, there would be a lot more emigration than immigration.

What bothers the Colonel is the realization that even if 95% of the aforementioned 20 million are otherwise law-abiding and liberty-loving, that still leaves ONE MILLION who are not. If an invasion of ONE MILLION folks set on goals contrary to the vital national interests (i.e., criminal enterprise) doesn't represent a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to you, then you need to review the coursework for National Security 101.

To put the numbers in perspective, the Colonel could easily seize control of, say, El Paso or Phoenix with a lightly-armed infantry component (no tanks, artillery, or airpower) of a Marine Division--roughly 10,000 fighters. Assuming only 200,000 cross our border unchecked each year (and you and the Colonel both know the number is much higher), only 5% of whom are intent on criminal enterprise (and you and the Colonel both know the percentage is much higher), the criminal invasion force entering our nation each year is equivalent to the aforementioned lightly armed infantry component of a Marine Division.

Against this massive invasion, Senator McCain, attempting tough talk to rescue his re-election hopes, proposed this week the need for only 3,000 National Guard troops.

Even allowing for Clausewitz' argument that "defense is the stronger form of warfare," McCain's proposal to defend our borders is laughable.

Only the Colonel ain't laughing.
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