Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Memo

Obama's speech writer didn't get the memo. I'm certain there's a Department of Homeland Insecurity briefing circulated daily in D.C. that warns about the dangerous activities and treasonous thought expressed in the content of the regularly irregular posts to this blog. Had Obama's speech writer seen that briefing, he would have learned the difference between Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day, and would have saved his boss the embarrassment of confusing the three in his radio address today.

While he, at least, said some good things about how to support currently deployed servicemen and women and how to thank and honor veterans, his use of a Memorial Day address to do so demonstrated the most glaring lack of respect for America's history and traditions the Colonel has ever witnessed in a Commander in Chief. The ONLY purpose of Memorial Day is the remembrance of those men and women who gave THEIR LIVES in service to our nation during time of war. Surely we should honor those who have served and currently serve, but Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day, respectively, are the two days set aside by Congress for that purpose--not Memorial Day.

The Colonel knows this is beginning to sound like a broken record. But, like the preacher said, whose chairman of deacon's complained of the same sermon preached four Sundays in a row, "when people get the message, I'll move on to the next topic."
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