Saturday, May 02, 2009

It Ain't About You

The Colonel is fed up to about a micron short of my overflow valve with politicians who don't "get it." They don't get that "it" ain't about them. Three prominent pols provide my cases in point.

Our Apologist in Chief leads the hit parade of politicians whose comments and actions demonstrate that they are keenly in tune with the needs of their own narcissism and completely out of touch with the fact that they represent something much, much larger than themselves. President Obama's need to self-aggrandize via the device of bad-mouthing his own nation is perhaps the most disappointing attribute of the man. To be sure, these re-United States have not always operated faultlessly in our activities around the globe, but I defy anyone to pick any other country in the history of man that has done as much good for the rest of the globe. We have nothing to apologize for! We have sacrificed an unmatched measure of blood and treasure for the well-being and freedom of oppressed people starting at almost the beginning of our trek through history as a nation. What H doesn't get is that when he says he is glad not to be blamed for things America did when he was four years old, he is trashing the memory of American soldiers who died, giving their all with the best of freedom-loving intentions, in those actions. What's next Mr. President, making yourself look good by apologizing for our bombing Dresden and Tokyo? It ain't about you!!

Not to be outdone in the self-aggrandizement effort, Obama's Vice President for Blowhard Blathering demonstrated this past week (seems to do so weekly) that it is more important for him to make himself sound important and smart by running his mouth, regardless the impact his words have on the rest of us. I happen to agree that if there were an epidemic of a virulent influenza (such as the current version of the H1N1 virus percolating down ole Mexico way) extant in our general population, cramming oneself into cramped public transportation along with the snot-nosed, sneezy great unwashed would be a course of action I would personally decide against and vociferously recommend that my friends and loved ones avoid as well. But I'm not Vice President! Even the Colonel, relying on the scant collection of atrophied cells passing for brain matter in my skull, knows that when you're the boss (or vice boss) your every word carries the weight of all the authority of your office. But Joe Biden obviously feels the need to make up for some self-perceived inadequacy by offering advice as if he were only a well-respected sage on a street corner and not the second-most important (well, maybe third, behind Rahm Emanuel) voice in the executive branch of the most important nation on the planet. He doesn't get it--it ain't about him!

Rounding out our trio of self-proclaiming trumpeters, is the paragon of self-service himself, Senator Arlen Specter, whose justification for switching political party affiliation was (and I have to wonder if he was really listening to what he was saying) that he was not willing to put HIS career in the Senate in the hands of the people who put him there to begin with. Senator, it ain't about you! It is about the people whose constitution you took an oath to support and defend.

Think I'll move to Pennsylvania, register Democrat, and vote against him in the primary.
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