Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Beliefs

I had planned not to post on my blog this week. I have tried to focus on the significance of this week in my faith and felt that writing about anything else would distract me from that endeavor. But, there is so much for the man curmudgeoned before his time to comment on and I need to vent so that I can resume the quiet and sincere contemplation of the divine death sentence for my sinful nature and my salvation through the atoning blood of the Lamb.

I am, like every other, save one, who has or will ever walk this orb, a black-hearted sinner. My hope is in Jesus, without whose voluntary blood sacrifice I would be doomed to the eternal separation from my Creator that is the wage for my sin. My omniscient and holy God could require nothing less--to do so would diminish His holiness. This is my rock solid belief.

The Colonel also believes, unlike H, that America WAS founded as a Christian nation. I understand the philosophical point that our President was making when he told a mostly Muslim audience last week that "America is not a Christian nation...," but rather, "...a nation of citizens..." I also understand the tact he is taking with regard to making peace with mostly Muslim nations. But, while I understand his methods, I categorically disagree with them. Appeasement, complete with the unprecedented bowing and scraping demonstrated by our President a week ago, will only embolden our enemies. His bow before the Saudi king will, in fact, do more to recruit jihadists to the Islamic extremists' cause than anything the bungling Bush administration did or for which they were held responsible by their detractors.

The Colonel also believes that the scourge of piracy in the Indian Ocean can be relatively easily eradicated. The bungling Bush administration failed to take effective action. The H administration is displaying the same dithering approach to the menace. The solution is simple. Destroy the bases from which the pirates are launching. Instead, we are wrapped completely around the axle of our concern for the safety of a few (in this case, ONE) hostage. Were I President, I would order the immediate destruction of the lifeboat in which the pirates are holding the Maersk Alabama's skipper. Callous as it sounds, the action would send the immediate signal that messing with American flagged shipping is a death sentence. I believe Captain Phillips would give the order himself, if given the choice.

The Colonel also believes that market capitalism, regulated only to the extent that prevents fraud, is the most effective societal means of exchanging and acquiring goods and services. It is amazing to me that the very liberal progressives whose religion is Darwinism would prefer the anti-Darwinistic concept of market socialism. Survival of the fittest applies universally or not at all.

The Colonel also believes that Vice President Joe Biden is the most entertaining buffoon to occupy the office since Al Gore. What a kidder!

Finally, the Colonel believes that it's time to wake the comely and kind-hearted Miss Brenda and tell her that she loves me.
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