Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homeland Insecurity

Just read the Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism. The Colonel prefers to get the facts first hand whenever possible and my spidey sense was telling me that the reportage on the subject report was a bit hyperbolic. I have to admit that, taken out of context, some of the passages in the report make this Marine's fightin' blood flush.

Taken as a whole, the report do I say this so as not to hurt the feelings of the bureaucrat(s) who penned it?... embarrassing. If it was a high school term paper, the Colonel would give it a "D"--credit given for correct spelling and sentence structure keeping it from receiving a failing grade. If I had submitted such a factless compilation of conjecture as a threat assessment to any of the commanders on whose staffs I served during my career in the Corps, I would have been rewarded by the sight of seeing my work torn in two and dumped in the nearest circular file. What bothers me about the report is that it is an egregious waste of our money and absolutely of no use to the law enforcement officials to whom it was addressed. Even more distressing is the realization that this amateurish amalgamation of adverbs passing for an assessment is indicative of the effectiveness of the federal department responsible for the defense of our homeland.

I feel safe--how 'bout you?
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