Friday, April 24, 2009

Enemies Emboldened

Any day now it is going to happen. Joe Biden, Vice President for Blowhard Blathering, will not be able to keep from saying, "I told you so."

Back during the halcyon days of national euphoria between the election and inauguration of the false messiah, the vast majority of Americans dared believe that the incoming "Can't we all just get along?" administration would change the world's opinion of us and change the hearts of our enemies just by smiling, bowing, apologizing, and talking nice. And, they were right. All over the world, the opinion that America is to be respected (even if also feared) has evaporated almost over night. We are, to paraphrase what our president has been telling leaders the world over, no longer the leader of the world--we are just equal partners.

Give H and his crew credit, they have accomplished more in the first 100 days in office than any nascent U.S. administration in the history of the republic. The Appeaser in Chief has emboldened more enemies around the world with his actions over the last three months than any America-hater could dare hope. North Korea and Iran have increased the pace of their respective marches toward nuclear weapons delivery capability, Castro and Castro-lite are gleefully counting the increased revenues to their repressive regimes, Somali pirates attacked U.S. flagged merchant ships for the first time, the Taliban are on the move in Pakistan (the fate of which has been described by the Obama administration as the most important in the world) and have just taken control of a region only 60 miles from the capital, and the drug money-fueled warlords in the nation on our southern border are threatening to take over and establish the world's largest narco-state.

Enemies across the globe are testing our new president, and so far he is failing to meet the challenges with anything more than smiles, handshakes, and bows. Back just after the election, Joe Biden told us that the new president would be tested early on. Come on, Joe, say it--you told us so.
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