Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pigskin Patterns

It wasn't pretty, but it was a win.

My Rebels started off the 2007 college football season in much the same fashion as they finished the 2006 season. They let a team run all over them in the second half, but still eked out a win. For the second game in a row (albeit separated by 8 months) Ole Miss was significantly out-gained offensively, and yet points on the board were amazingly in their favor.

#2 son and I were desperate to find a place to watch the game Saturday afternoon. It was televised, but I didn't get the channel on my satellite system. So we headed in to O town with our significant others in tow and found a restaurant with enough TVs to give us opportunity to watch the Rebels jump out to to a 23-0 lead and then come within a tipped two-point conversion pass of going to overtime against the Memphis Tigers.

The Rebels ball-control offense worked as advertised in the first half, so Ed Orgeron decided to not use it in the second half! I really have to wonder what is in the water in the locker room at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium--for thirty years I've watched a steady stream of otherwise seemingly sane Ole Miss coaches completely lose their minds at half-time in Oxford. You can almost hear them coming away from the water fountain mumbling, "Our plan is working--gotta change our plan."

Next weekend we take on the second of four tiger teams when Missouri comes to town. Maybe I ought start a rumor that the water in Oxford is contaminated...
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