Saturday, June 24, 2006

Toy and Counter-Toy

Number 1, and only for the time being, grandson is officially crawling on his knees as of this weekend! For about a month now he has been belly-sliding along on the hardwood floors looking more like a penguin than man-child. But, we are in big trouble now. He has discovered knee-stabilized locomotion and is off to the races. The kid just lights up my life. Never had a clue that a grandchild would effect me the way he has.

Of course, it is amazing that he is even learning to move around on his own at all. I don't think the youngun spends much time out of the arms of some parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, church lady, etc... Little wonder--he always has a huge smile for anyone and everyone. Maybe that is what is so special to me about the little squirt.

I'm kind of envious of the boy. Growing up moving around like we did, I was never around grandparents and other extended family much. This kid has two sets of grandparents and two sets of great grandparents in town. There is a healthy competition among all of us to spoil the little rascal rotten, and it is beginning to take on the appearance of a multi-national arms race. The other set of grandparents have recently upped the ante significantly. Caleb now has, I kid thee not, his own miniature "roller coaster." He can actually ride in a little battery operated car that completes a circle on a mildly undulating set of plastic tracks. He loves it!

Humpf! Wait until he can sit a horse...
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