Friday, June 30, 2006

Redfish Morning

One of the things I like most about my life at the moment is the freedom I have to set my own hours. It is one of the things that I dreamed about during my Marine Corps career. In those days, I didn't have set hours either--I was just on duty 24/7. But now, my work allows me to work at my own pace and when I need to. The only problem with that arrangement is I end up working at very odd hours. The thing I really like about my work schedule is the ability to hunt and fish during the week when I am not competing with the crowds.

This morning the weather forecast called for calm winds and an incoming tide, so I launched Semper Fish before sunup and motored to one of my favorite redfish spots. It is a great spot and I am going to tell you just how to find it. Take a left leaving the boat ramp and look for a flat place on the water. Cut the motor and look over the side. I marked an X on the side of the boat to show you right where to fish.

First cast this morning with a top water bait was rewarded with a redfish strike that looked for all the world like someone had thrown a cinder block in the water. Spaloosh! The line cut through the water and instead of the squeal of my drag, I heard, Ping!, and my line went slack. Somebody forgot to check the drag on the new reel! There is nothing more frustrating than a good fish lost due to stupidity.

A few casts later, with an appropriately loosened drag, another red inhaled a new top water bait. The fight was on! There is nothing more exciting than the first run of a big fish on 8lb test line! The fish bull-dogged around the boat and made several long runs, and I just let him have his way. Finally, after ten minutes of some of the most fun you can have standing up, the big red was boatside and I kneeled to bring him to hand. He rolled on his side, looked me straight in the eye and spit out the plug like a redneck discharging a used wad of chew.

Just as well. I was gonna let him go anyway.
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