Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Tyranny of Elites

The Colonel wishes we Americans would stop so casually throwing around the word democracy in self-identification.

We ain't one.

At least not by original design.

The founders of our republic knew full well the inherent self-destructive flaws of a pure democracy -- so much so that the word itself never appears in the Constitution of these re-United States.

The Colonel would pause at this juncture to allow the Bama and LSU grads a chance to fact-check him, but we all know that pachyderms and felines are functional illiterates.

Trust the Colonel.  The explosive growth of the American republic from colonial backwater to world superpower had little to do with any democratic ideals and more to do with our Constitution's protection of our republic's CITIZENS' God-given rights to life, liberty, and property..., and a huge resource-rich continent sparsely occupied by inferior civilizations.

The Colonel knows that last phrase will set some of your teeth on edge.  Better deal with that -- it's gonna get rougher...

A democracy promises a utopia, the definition of which is decided by the majority at the expense of the minority.  A democracy always delivers, in its inevitable death throes, a tyranny of elites.

Nowhere is this concept of the Tyranny of Elites more evident than in the two parties currently vying for dominance of the body politic and the power and riches that follow.

And, nowhere is tyrannical elitism more evident than in the Democrat Party.

The Colonel knows that the small minority of his readership that are Democrats have just left the page.  It is up to the remainder of you to carry what follows to them.

Ask your Democrat friends to explain to you the Democrat Party concept of Superdelegates.

In all likelihood, they won't have any idea what you're talking about and will give you a combination blank stare and Victrola Nipper Dog head tilt.

Allow the Colonel to arm you with the sword of knowledge with which to deal a mortal blow to your Democrat friends' belief that their party best upholds the vaunted democratic ideal of "one man, one vote."

There are approximately 712 elites (representing about a sixth of the overall delegates) who will cast a vote at the Democrat Party's 2016 National Convention this year.  The exact number of these delegates changes year-by-year and consists of several categories of Party elites:

     - Current and former Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Congressional leaders, and DNC Chairs

     - Democrat state and territorial Governors 

     - Democrat U.S. Senators

     - Democrat U.S. Representatives

     - Elected members of the Democrat National Committee

The nominating votes of these elites are not apportioned in any way by the Primary votes of the electorate.  Superdelegates vote their consciences.   

That has to be one of the most un-democratic, "Animal Farm"ish power machinations the Colonel has ever seen outside of Venezuela.

For the Bama and LSU grads still hangin' in there, George Orwell's political satire "Animal Farm" elucidated the inherent danger of a democracy falling under the sway of unscrupulous power-hungry leaders.  Nothing summarizes the Democrat Party presidential nominating process more succinctly than Orwell's phrase "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

The Republican Party ain't much better, in the Colonel's not-so-humble opinion.  But, the GOP isn't in the Colonel's cross-hairs this morning...

Maybe tomorrow.

Want to see the newest generation of American voters implode in disgust? 

Hide and watch what happens when their socialist darling wins a plurality of the Democrat Party presidential primary state delegates but is denied the nomination by the party's superdelegates... 

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