Monday, February 15, 2016

Fascinating February

As much as the Colonel detests the month of February -- and his regard for the runted revenant is replete with more reasons than any other object of his disaffection -- this February is proving to be so fascinating that he may have to suspend his campaign to have the month removed from the calendar.

What can be so fascinating as to arrest the acceleration of the Colonel's animus, you ask?

Allow the Colonel to enumerate, ruminate, and elucidate.

1.  The Colonel is amazed that an egomaniacal New York liberal with a long history of supporting the biggest of big federal government policies is the darling of the Republican electorate and likely to win the 2016 Republican Presidential primary in South Carolina.

     South Carolina! 

     The Colonel gets Trump's popularity among the closet celebriphiles at the shallow New England end of the gene pool.   But, South Carolina!?!

2.  The Colonel is fascinated by the paradoxical political machinations manifest in response to the highly regrettable passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  Consider the mendacity of those whose fecal-filled frontal lobes cause them to call for the one of the most extra-Constitutional presidents in our republic's history to not fulfill his Constitutional duty to nominate a replacement for one of the, if not the, most vociferous defenders of that Constitution.

     The President is clearly Constitutionally bound to nominate a replacement at his earliest convenience.

     The Senate is clearly Constitutionally bound to consider and vote on confirmation of that nominee.

     For either party to this Constitutional command performance to act otherwise is despicably disrespectful to the memory of the justice whose life was entirely committed to the defense of the United States Constitution.

3.  The Colonel is fascinated by the increasing fervor with which American society celebrates a hedonistic holiday, and dismayed by the rapidly decreasing reverence of holiday originally designated to celebrate the birthday of the "Father of our Nation."

     Let it be said, if you wait until one day in the depths of winter to show your love for your significant other, your other really ain't that significant. 

    Let it also be said, a nation that forgets its founders flounders. 


There's more on the Colonel's minuscule military mind this morning, but his age-addled vocabulary is rapidly becoming an untrustworthy alliterative ally.      
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