Friday, November 16, 2012

Hate That

The word "hate" has gotten a lot of negative air time over the past couple of decades.

Used to be, the word was used rather freely and without fear of recrimination.

The Colonel pauses to apologize to the errant LSU fans, who may have accidentally stumbled on this post in search of a corndog recipe, for the use of such a big word.  Recrimination.  Nope, you crazy purple bead-wearers, it don't mean "repeatin' a crime."

Hating something was once an acceptable stance.  Not any more.

Unless you are a member of the self-designated political correctness thought police.  It's okay for you to hate. 

It's okay for you to be intolerant of the Colonel's views and beliefs, because you are so much more intelligent and so much more enlightened and so much more cool than he is.

It is true that the Colonel is a knucle-dragger, whose world-view is based on the study of an archaic and largely irrelevant subject (history), and whose "cool" quotient ranks in the negative numbers. 

Way down in triple digit negative numbers.

So, the Colonel will not waste any of the few remaining synaptic connections in his rapidly dwindling supply to participate in recriminations (oops, sorry Boudreaux) with those of you whose self-scored political correctness quotient rivals the USA basketball team's total against Lithuania.

He'll just hang on to his hate and let you hate him for it.

So, just what does the Colonel really hate?

Well, some in these parts (the shallow northern end of deep southern nowhere -- aka: Yoknapatawpha County) feel like it's never too early to hate Mississippi State.

The Colonel can't bring himself to hate State.

He has all of his hatred dedicated to Bama and LSU. 
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