Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moose are BELOW Us on the Food Chain

The chattering class, which hyperventilated to the point of hypoxia over Vice President Cheney's quail shooting accident, is apoplectic that Governor Palin actually knows how to field dress a moose that she, gasp, shot herself. That someone of the fair sex (sorry to sound sexist--but the media started it) would so debase herself by participating in the retro-masculine practice of killing innocent animals (we retro-males call it "hunting") is such an affront to their elitist sensibilities that even the most "fair and balanced" members of the media are snickering about it like Sarah Barracuda is a misunderstood freak of nature. They are, once again, demonstrating their complete lack of tactile grasp with the reality that they are so quick to denounce politicians for being out of touch with.

Hate to break it to the coastal elites, but there are a lot more women out there who know how to handle a rifle, skinning blade, and butcher knife than they would ever dream existed. Just because none of the simpering snobs (of both genders) with whom they consort would dare risk breaking a nail on the least little bit of activity below and beyond a round of tennis or golf, doesn't mean that the rest of the country is so effeminately inclined. I know I've been heard to grouse about how soft Americans have become, but even I know that most Americans are of tougher, more real stock than the commentating clan would have us to believe.

I know dozens of women just like Sarah Palin, who have the brains and multi-dimensional ability to be both refined and capable of handling the hard edge of life on this planet. I feel sorry for those (of both genders) who don't have that ability--their life has to be, well, pathetic.
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