Monday, August 25, 2008

Party Pooper Pick

During the George Soros Party presidential primary, my opinion was that Joe Biden, despite the fact that the definition for the word "pompous" in the dictionary has his picture next to it, was by far the most qualified of those seeking the party's nomination. He got no respect, no traction, no votes. For the left it was all about who made them feel special. Never mind three decades of experience in the Senate, it was all about who made them tingle when he/she talked.

That the least qualified man in America to be president (I'm more qualified than Obama and I couldn't get elected, nor do a credible job, as dog catcher) picked a bilious blowhard for his running mate because of his experience underscores Barack Obama's lack of gravitas. In the history of this great republic, no presidential nominee has picked a vice-president that made him look so weak by contrast. In my not so humble opinion Obama blew it with his pick of Biden. The "make me tingle" party wanted a vice presidential nominee that would excite them. They got Biden, instead.
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