Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

I didn't watch any of the Democratic Convention last night (had to wash my socks), but my reading of the newspapers today reveals a party clearly in meltdown. The arrogance of the left is simply amazing and will result in their party's loss of the presidential election in November, if the party of the right can get their act together and not freak out when McCain picks Lieberman as his VP.

Did the Speaker of the House of Representatives, third in line to the Presidency of these re-United States, really reply to a bunch of protesters chanting "Drill Now" with the retort "Can we drill your brains?"!? Really?!? Did the House Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, really call their chanting "sophomoric"? Really?!? I guess the chants "yes we can" and "change we can believe in" must harbor intellectually stimulating messages that my pea-sized brain can't fathom! The left's arrogance is matched only by the hypocrisy, intellectual vapidity, and moral bankruptcy of their positions. Save a few polar bears (who would have us for lunch in a New York minute), but champion infanticide of a large percentage of an entire generation (one of whom probably would have grown up by now to discover cold fusion and make fossil fuels and global warming warnings moot). Huh?!?

In their desperation to bridge the Clinton--Obama divide, the George Soros party trotted out Teddy Kennedy to provide some misdirection. What would make them think that was a good idea? The last time Teddy provided misdirection at a Democratic Convention it sank Carter for good and gave us Ronald Reagan (hands over your hearts).

If I were Hillary Clinton, I would demand a floor vote--she might just win it.
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