Thursday, January 05, 2006

Recon by Fire

A tactic employed by military forces with confidence in their battlefield superiority, but possessing poor tactical intelligence, is to fire at likely enemy positions to evoke a response, upon which concentrated fire and action can be focused. It's called "recon by fire." Since I find myself wondering if anyone ever reads what I write here, I'm going to place a few choice ideas down range to see if I can elicit a response. Don't plan on attacking any respondents...unless of course they need to be attacked. You know who: yankees, liberals, Leftcoastians... the usual enemy combatants. So, here goes:

1. Although I'm not a big fan of the state of Texas (Texans are good people--just a bit too full of themselves), I tip my cap to UT for putting USC and all of the LA-loving sports commentators in their place (that's SECOND place) with the win in the Rose Bowl. All the comparisons of USC to previous great teams didn't faze Vince and company! USC was overrated all year long. There were at least five other teams in the college ranks and at least two in the high school ranks that could have beaten USC last night, or any other night.

2. As one retired Marine colonel to another: Jack Murtha, SHUT UP! You are an embarrassment. Not because you took a stand--you have the right, and obligation, to take it. You are an embarrassment because your stand doesn't make sense militarily, strategically, or even logically. It does seem to make sense politically--scored some big points for Pelosi and her gang. And, oh, by the way, from one Marine who fought the recruiting wars on two different tours: thanks a heap for your latest comments about not joining if given the choice today. That will set back recruiting quite well and give plenty of aid and comfort to our enemies. I used to think you were a great American...I don't anymore. Jack, go see Sen. Lieberman for some Real Man training.

3. Christmas, I believe. Hanukkah, I get. Ramadan, I understand. But, Kwanza? Give me a break! I will submit that the first three holidays above were originally man-made, but the men who instituted them were guided by their belief in God. Kwanza was dreamed up by a marxist--big difference.

4. And speaking of holidays, I, for one, am pleased to have the season behind us. Now, on to the unspeakable joys of the dead of winter. Well, I live in Florida, so the dead of winter isn't exactly dead--more like a bad cold. Sometime around the middle of February we'll have day or two that feels like a mild case of the flu. By the middle of March the temps and humidity will be soaring back into the unbearable range.

5. Hillary Clinton for President. The way I figure it, that administration would hasten the end of the world and the return of my Lord faster than anything else I could imagine man (or, in this case, woman) doing on God's green earth. At the very least, another Clinton administration would wake up the fence-straddlers to the dangers of marxism.

6. If I were King: All members of PETA would be given 40 acres in the most pristine wilderness left. One stipulation: no protection against large carnivores allowed. It would not be ethical to prevent carnivores from being carnivores.

7. China and Japan are challenging us to a race to the moon. I've actually heard people say, "So what? They can't claim the moon." To which I would like to respond: "Ever heard of Columbus?" He claimed an already inhabited land for Spain in 1492. And, the Spanish looted the western hemisphere unabated for nearly two centuries. Then the English and the French took over. I say, let's go claim the moon--we have as much a right to it as anyone.

8. Rebuild New Orleans. The rest of the major cities in the country need to have a city to keep their cops from the top of the "Most Corrupt" list.
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