Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Definite First Round Pick

Big news from the the mother and father of my grandson! He rolled over several times yesterday! My son called last night to share this exciting breakthrough in the development of my second favorite person on the planet. (I won't tell you who number 1 is--that could possibly cause world-wide depression as so many people believe that they hold that spot.)

Why should you care about the fact that my grandson (THE Grandson) has reached this inevitable milestone in child development (a little early, I think)? Well, let's just say that in about 25 years, many of you will watch him (probably via a chip implanted behind your ear) as he quarterbacks his team to victory in Super Bowl LXV. Listen, a three-month old kid that can master multiple daily back-to-front flips is on track to pick apart pass defenses and heave 70 yard bombs.

As soon as he can stand on his own, we'll start working on his three and five step drops.
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