Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Granddaddy's Revenge

My 2 month old grandson is spending the day with me today. The wife is out on errands and the little man and I have the house all to ourselves. As I write this he is propped up in the recliner in my study, taking his post-bottle nap and dreaming of... well, I would imagine he is dreaming about the next bottle. I envy his simple dreams.

Caleb Thomas is the spitting image of his daddy at that age. I recall, as if it were yesterday, coming home from a hard day and falling asleep with my baby boy cuddled in my lap. Looking into the face of this new member of the Gregory clan takes me back to those times and brings back the same feelings of excitement at the promise of a future of father-son activities. I have to believe that being a granddaddy is going to be even better. I have special "granddaddy plans" for this boy! Four years ago his daddy and I couldn't be in the same room for five minutes without wanting to throttle each other. Thankfully, we have both grown up and gotten over the madness induced by a son between the ages of 15 and 25. Now, I get to spoil his boy and watch him go through it!
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