Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Frauds, Criminals, and Buffoons

For the record:  The Colonel detests Donald Trump.

The man has neither an ethical foundation nor a philosophical center aside from the thirst for wealth, fame, and power.

His nomination by the Republican Party (after decades as a liberal Democrat), and his election with the support of the (supposedly) most conservative voters, cements the Colonel's long-held assertion that "low-information voting" is not the exclusive province of the Democrat Party.

The Colonel's disdain for Trump is eclipsed only by his disdain for the Clinton Crime Family and for the electorate that put one of the most unqualified candidates in the history of the Republic in the Oval Office based solely on the color of his skin and with complete disregard for the content of his character.  

Last year the Colonel opined that regardless who the American citizenry (and a couple million illegally voting non-citizens) elected President in November we would be replacing one fraud with another in January.

All that said as preamble, allow the Colonel a moment to strike straight to the heart of the current matter.

The present media and Democrat hysteria over President Trump's shenanigans is -- read carefully -- racism.

That's right, Donald J. Trump is not black.

His predecessor's constant anti-American behavior (the content of his character as admitted in his own book) lifted not one eyebrow and garnered immediate and constant support from his party.  That's racism.

A portion of the Colonel's many friends and acquaintances considered his opposition to most things President Obama did, the things for which he stood, an indicator of the Colonel's southern-fried racism.  

They were wrong.  

The Colonel's opposition of President Obama was based entirely on the content of his political character and his expressed belief that the American Republic was the greatest source of discontent and misbehavior around the globe.

President Obama was a fraud.

Hillary Clinton, and her husband, are unindicted criminals.

President Trump is a self-aggrandizing buffoon. 

And, the vast majority of the media are racists.  

There!  That should completely wipe out the Colonel's meager readership of posts on this blog.  That might actually be a good thing.  The Colonel grows increasingly weary of the task of educating the world.          
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