Monday, October 14, 2013

Purple Hate

Were you able to view his visage this morning, you would most certainly quickly ascertain by the temporary negative enhancement to the permanent scowl planted on his puss that it is LSU week for the Colonel's Rebels.

There is probably no more anticipated game on the schedule each year -- outside the tilt with our in-state brethren at TSBU (The School Beneath Us, aka, Mississippi State) -- than the century-long grudge match with the purple people from the third world nation masquerading as a state to the south and west of us. 

As any of you who have wasted precious rod and cone time perusing posts hereon will no doubt remember, the Colonel has no hatred for the misguided second-citizens of the great state of Mississippi who matriculated at TSBU.

Slight disdain, perhaps.  But certainly no hatred.

It's just not possible for the Colonel to hate TSBU.

All of his hate is invested in LSU and Bama.

And, for quite different reasons.

The Colonel hates Bama because most Bama fans are in fact Bama Bandwagon Boors -- folks who have never set foot on the campus in Tuscaloosa.

A Bama Bandwagon Boor wears his Walmart-bought "Ninety-Nine National Championships" T-shirt everywhere.




Family Reunions

High School Reunions (even though most tri-B's never even graduated from a bonafide high school).

Probably the greatest reason for the Colonel's hatred of Bama is the insistence by tri-B's that everyone else should love them.  The SEC officials certainly do.

Look, we Ole Miss Rebels don't expect you to love us, or even respect us.  Frankly, we couldn't care less what you think about us. 

The temp-help currently serving as the University's administration and faculty care, but real Ole Miss Rebels don't.

As for why the Colonel hates LSU...

See the word "obnoxious" in the dictionary.           
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