Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Raising the Next Greatest Generation

Here in a couple of weeks the Colonel will welcome another air-breathing resident to the Tallahatchie Free State. 

The Hope of 21st Century Civilization, Dash 3 (H21CC - 3) -- the Colonel's third grandson -- has been present and accounted for in a gestative state for nearly three quarters of a trip 'round Ol' Sol and all the legal residents and citizens (one not to be confused with the other, owing to strict citizenship requirements) of the representation-restricted republic here at the shallow northern end of deep southern nowhere (established with tongue firmly planted in cheek and hands tightly gripping any one of a large assortment of firearms) are anxiously awaiting his birth. 

No one more than the Colonel.

Grandchildren, grandsons in particular, represent many things to many people.

To some, a grandchild represents an opportunity to exact revenge through spoilage on the intervening generation.

To others, a grandchild represents an opportunity to correct mistakes made in the parenting of the fore-mentioned intervening generation.

Yet to others, a grandchild represents an opportunity for proud comparison with the grandchildren of peers and siblings.

To the Colonel, a grandson is an opportunity to do all of the above... and more.

To the Colonel, a grandson is an opportunity to build another in the long line of family patriots.

To the Colonel, a grandson is an opportunity to educate and produce one of the most rare humans on the planet -- one who knows, appreciates, and understands history.

To the Colonel, a grandson is an opportunity to train and produce another increasingly rare human -- a gentleman who places the life and security of women and children above even his own dignity; knowing that no manly dignity is attainable otherwise. 

To the Colonel, a grandson is an opportunity to pass on the increasingly rare belief that there are indeed things worth fighting for; and that following Jesus does not mean forsaking the responsibility to fight -- with weapons as well as words.

Find that last clause troubling?  

You may find it so because you have been mistakenly led to believe that Jesus preached and practiced "non-violence."

News flash -- Jesus was Almighty God in the flesh; not a pre-incarnate of Gandhi.  Today, Jesus is Almighty God.  Tomorrow, Jesus will be Almighty God's war-bringing judgement for the nations.

The Colonel invites any self-professing Christian who believes otherwise to read Revelations 19: 11 -- 16.    

Raise your grandsons to be politically correct, "tolerant" followers, if you wish.  

The Colonel's grandsons will be prepared to fight in the company of a principled few for the protection of the many whose upbringing without virtue hamstrings their ability to even defend themselves, let alone others.         
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