Friday, May 27, 2011

Daniels Down

The Colonel has allowed the balance of a standard calendar week to pass before proffering his assessment on the decision by Mitch Daniels not to seek the Republican Party nomination for the Presidency of these re-United States. 

As the dozen or so of you who regularly participate in egregious wastes of valuable rod and cone time perusing posts hereon will remember (and recoil in regret at the remembrance), the Colonel has, for the balance of a standard calendar year, vociferously promoted the candidacy (if undeclared) of the current Governor of Indiana.  One or more of the dozen of you would be quite correct in asking why the Colonel has not addressed Governor Daniels decision not to embark on the national rescue mission, the leadership for which the Colonel felt the Governor had the foremost qualifications.

Frankly, the Colonel has yet to work his way tortuously through the lengthy and laborious grieving process.

The Colonel just can't believe that Daniels has really decided not to run.  Maybe he'll change his mind.

How dare the Governor make such a decision!  The Colonel has invested the last remaining shreds of his public and private credibility in promotion of Mitch Daniel's candidacy.  The Colonel wants to grab the man by the scruff of the neck and shake him like a rag doll!

C'mon, Mitch.  Please.  The Colonel will spend every waking moment from here on extolling your virtues, if you'll just get in the race.  The Colonel promises he'll deliver the Tallahatchie Free State.   

This is so hard.  The Colonel just feels numb.  There's no reason to even care about the political process anymore.  The Colonel will just lose himself in his sawdust production chores.  Even that seems pointless.

Well, the Colonel guesses the Governor has his own good reasons.  Running for the Presidency of these re-United States takes an incredible toll on a candidate and a candidate's family.  Being President sounds cool and all; but the job is relentless and thankless, perks notwithstanding.  Probably best for him and his family that he not run.  He'd probably win, and then he would really be in trouble.  

Okay, the Colonel will review the field of Republican candidates for a few days and let the dozen or so of you who regularly waste rod and cone time perusing posts hereon know, in short order, just who you should next support for the nomination. 

Apologies for getting you all excited about Mitch Daniels, but you are not alone in your pain.

He broke the Colonel's heart, too.   
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